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electric pallet truck

electric pallet truck

Are you looking for Reliable Electric Pallet Suppliers ?Come to Us

How many times has it happened that suppliers to whom you contact for pallet trucks/jacks and other such equipment, they hand over to you a useless product that waste all your money invested? Jinhua Ryder Electrical Technology Co.Ltd prides itself as one of the most reliable and leading electric pallet trucks suppliers in China offering the most advance hand pallets for modern warehousing needs.

For various manufacturing industries and manufactories it becomes totally imperative at times to find the best pallet truck and manual stackers for construction, material handling and transporting works. Hence, we come here to your rescue! We are respected by other equipment manufacturers for retaining reliability and quality in our products.

Jinhua Ryder Electrical Technology Co.Ltd is known as a leading electric pallet truck suppliers, manufacturers and exporters in China that with a wide range of material handling equipment and tools, such as; stackers, hydraulic hand pallet truck, and scissor lift tables, etc.

We have a strong technical force with massive professional employees. Our fixed assets are more than USD 15,000,000

Best Priced Electric Pallet Truck in Different Types

The electric pallet truck is an equipment used for low-level lifting and moving pallets. It is also known as an electric pallet jack and single walker.

This transporting product is used for carrying heavy loads on the smooth and paved surface. It has a small size and turning radius which make it best for operations in confined spaces such as trailers or Lorries, or narrow aisles in retail premises. At Jinhua Ryder Electrical Technology Co.Ltd we have various types of electric pallet trucks that are especially designed to cater various manufacturing, material handling and transportation challenges.

The plus point of electric pallet truck is, they have light traction batteries which guarantee up to 5 times more charge cycle than their standard unit.

We offer three types of advance heavy duty hand pallet trucks.

Hand Pallet Truck

A hand pallet truck transports heavy loads from point A to point B with a less human exertion. The hand pallet truck is manually operated.

High Lift Pallet Trucks

This sort of bed truck is likewise best to reduce back issue issues which are looked by many individuals in the work environment. This truck lifts the bed to a working height, empowering the worker to get to the required items without having to constantly turn and lift from a story level.

Manual Stackers

This one is a bit different from a pallet truck, as it has quite greater functions than another one. Besides, it does not only makes moving pallets easier, but it can also provide lift assistance.

Uses of Pallet Truck

Since pallet trucks use effective methods for handling multiple loads; so they become very handy and flexible enough to use in;

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Specialty and retail stores
  • Warehouse facilities

Offering Best Products, At the Best Price!

At Jinhua Ryder Electrical Technology Co.Ltd, you wont only get quality pallet jacks or trucks at amazing prices, but you can browse some other equipment and tools as well, such as

hand pallet truck
Hydraulic hand stacker
Table lift
Semi-electric stacker EHT
General Accessories

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