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Hand pallet truck

Hand pallet truck

Manufacturers of China Industrial Hand Jack Pallet Trucks

Jinhua Ryder Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading, heavy duty hand pallet truck manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are the only hand jack pallet truck manufacturers offering 4 years money back guarantee on the performance, reliability, durability and price of our hand trucks. These Hand jacket pallet trucks are designed up to highest international quality and safety standards with the rugged and heavy-duty frame made up of premium quality galvanized steel that is designed in one-piece to promote extra strength and light-weight. It comes with a reinforced fork that enhances the power of the hand pallet truck attached with customized hands for convenient and safe pallet lifting.

Jinhua Ryder Electrical Technology Co., Ltd being a genuine hand pallet trucks manufacturers in China keep the special focus on the safety and efficient load handling of hand jacket pallet trucks. We have installed quality designed heavy-duty pumps with advance lowering valve to provide extra control while descent and intelligent heavy material handling mechanism.

Applications & Specifications of Hand Jack Pallet Trucks

China Hand jack pallet trucks are also commonly known as pallet trucks, hand trucks, hand pallet trucks. These hand trucks are mainly used in almost every warehouse, industry, and stores. This equipment plays a vital role in the supply chain management as it is used to carry the different type of materials from one place to another. In China, a majority of the industries use hand pallet trucks and pallet jacks to move pallets from one place to another.
Jinhua Ryder Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most reliable Hand pallet truck manufacturers that allows heavy pallet handling and transportation.

Our hand trucks are designed to do all sorts of heavy material handling 24/7 making it one of the must-have tool to cater modern industrial and manufacturing challenges. There are various sizes of hand pallet trucks used for different industries according to their requirement. We offer all sizes and types of hand jack pallet trucks with advanced features to help you do your job more efficiently.

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